A Voice to Perform: One Opera / Two Plays

Carla Harryman

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HANNAH CUT IN: Assembled in time-bound segments, each derived from the idea of interruption in the writings of Hannah Arendt, this play was created for a Poets Theater event at the University Art Museum, Berkeley, 2017.

MEMORY PLAY: A two-act, multifaceted conceptualization of memory-as-performance proffered by personified creature and instructions, a child, and a Miltonic Humiliator toy.

GARDENER OF STARS, AN OPERA: A duo, a trio, a quartet, an ensemble, this work adapts Harryman's experimental novel, GARDENER OF STARS "paradise and wastelands of utopian desire."

Video Performances of Section of A VOICE TO PERFORM:

Carla Harryman is an American poet, prose writer, playwright and performance writer. She is a professor in the Department of English Language and Literature at Eastern Michigan University and serves on the MFA faculty of Bard College. In 1979, she co-founded the San Francisco Bay Area Poets Theater. Recent performance work includes the CD Open Box, published on the Tzadik label and international performances in Austria, France, Germany, and Montreal. In addition to twenty volumes of single- authored work, Harryman has two edited volumes: Non/Narrative, a special issue of Journal of Narrative Theory and Lust for Life: The Writings of Kathy Acker, co-edited with Avital Ronell and Amy Scholder. Harryman has received grants and awards from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Fund for Poetry, Opera America Next Stage Grant (with composer Erling Wold), Alexander Gerbode Foundation, and the NEA Consortium Playwrights Commission, among others. Her works have appeared in translation in Czech, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and Serbian. Her most recent works are A VOICE TO PERFORM: ONE OPERA / TWO PLAYS (SplitLevel Texts, 2020), SUE IN BERLIN (PURH, 2018) and L'impromptu de Hannah (joca seria, 2018).

Carla Harryman at Penn Sound