Decoherent The Wing'ed

Elizabeth Zuba

November 2016




Quantum physics meets fable in this one-act tragicomedy by Elizabeth Zuba, her first full-length book of poetry. A balanced infusion of fairy-tale whimsy and the dense science of the very small, DECOHERENT delivers a haunting vision of madcap infinitudes. Translator of volumes by Marcel Broodthaers and editor of Ray Johnson’s writing, Zuba’s DECOHERENT is a happy companion to these artists’ hyper-quotidian and fantastical worlds.

I have been awaiting this rare and decoherent book for a decade.

—Jen Bervin

Elizabeth Zuba is the author of Decoherent The Wing’ed, the chapbook May Double as a Whistle (Song Cave Press, 2015), and the critical work Ray Johnson’s Art World (Feigen Gallery, 2014). She is the editor of Not Nothing: Selected Writings by Ray Johnson 1954-1994 (Siglio Press, 2014); and translator and co-editor of Marcel Broodthaers: My Ogre Book Shadow Theater Midnight (Siglio Press, 2015) and La Familia Americana, an anthology of contemporary American poetry (Cosmopoética: Madrid, 2010). Elizabeth has co-translated (with Maria Gilissen) several of Marcel Broodthaers’s books and writings, including Pense-Bête (Granary Book, 2016), 10,000 Francs Reward (Printed Matter, 2016), and En lisant la Lorelei (for the Museum of Modern Art, 2016).