"Against Travel"

Rachel Levitsky


for Sal


Not so long ago we were standing. One of us a person and the other a screen. This was awkward. One of us, I think the person, says: "It should be easy." It reminds me of a feeling she had, for a feeling. Distraction is the instance. Story, the result. Everything gets lost. We manage by narrow escape. I can't blame you for not helping. We don't speak the same language. You don't steer with your clear eyes. Not one of our points is from here but, this isn't a poem about mass extinction or which 'cene we're in today. It might be about turbulent weather, or the stars last night. There were many, they were close. 

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Author Bio: Rachel Levitsky is the author Under the Sun (Futurepoem, 2003), NEIGHBOR (UDP, 2009) and the poetic novella, The Story of My Accident is Ours (Futurepoem, 2013) as well as numerous chapbooks, most recently, Hopefully, The Island, part of an ongoing collaboration with the artist Susan Bee. Levitsky builds and participates in a variety of publishing, collaboration and pedagogical/performative activities, such “Geometries of Recognition” a movement poetry workshop turned super8 film by Stephanie Gray. In 1999 she founded Belladonna* which is now Belladonna* Collaborative. She teaches writing Pratt Institute, Naropa Summer Writing Program and lay institutions in NYC.