"Property Lines"

Jeff Sirkin


An old house

starving in the woods

and we lived moving

the clock forward

to set it all back


                        so happy

The circles the birds

the lost interest

the kids all crying uncle


Something humming

in the dark


In the photograph

the girl on a red bike

dowsed in leaking light

carries us along

vanishing into the forest


Look the baby in the eye

                        she says


The swarms the helicopters

the fallen trees the cracked glass


The production of a song

                        by contradiction

                        of the message


The posts in the ground and

the missing fence


how can we even talk about winning

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Author Bio: Jeff Sirkin grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, and he is the author of the poetry collection Travelers Aid Society (2016). His work has appeared in Mandorla; Forklift, Ohio; Puerto del Sol, the Volta and elsewhere. Co-editor of the online poetry journal A DOZEN NOTHING, he currently teaches in the Creative Writing Department at the University of Texas, El Paso, where he also co-curates the Dishonest Mailman Reading Series. ​