Carla Harryman



I write for occasions

Lee Ann explained

her erotic sonnets

turned elegiac with so many poets

dying and today


I record swift departures

            Lee Ann's to New York from Paris

            Joanne's to freedom from illusion    



I don't write for occasion's unsustainable

méconnaisance. Greetings to

 cliffhanger cargo



in on

carrier verses


            tables and ponds, a rooftop

            Somewhere weeds in the pond

have left a stain

under repair. Barrett introduced us there

in 1978 I wonder

what's  the date?

            Let's not let March something constrain,

            for instance, this line, a credit to Barrett and Etel who relay what they know

            from Joanne Kyger



It's the next day, which is also another waking up in socks, gloomy Paris

Francoise is tuning forks and knives, preparing plates   

I'm looking for a way to talk to the bee, living in the tiny hole of her balcony wall

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Author Bio: Carla Harryman’s recent books are Sue in Berlin (To Series, PURH, 2018) and Sue à Berlin (trans. Sabine Huynh, PURH, 2018); L’Impromptu de Hannah/Hannah Interrupted (trans. Abigail Lang, Joca Seria, 2018); and Artifact of Hope (Ordinance 10), (Kenning Editions, 2017).